Westwood In A Minute: Solar Eclipse Viewing


Photo by Westwood Minute/Darlene Wong Cancell. Westwood residents Eddie (left) and Enzo (right) Martucci enjoyed a rooftop view of the eclipse on the afternoon of Monday, April 8, 2024.

 As Westwood residents prepared for viewing the solar eclipse on the afternoon of Monday, April 8, 2024, they could be found lounging in deck chairs in front yards, gathered on school grounds, playing outdoors at friends' homes with viewing glasses handy. . . or even on a rooftop.

Photo by Westwood Minute/Darlene Wong Cancell. The best seats in the house for viewing Monday's eclipse are on top of the house, by the looks of where Eddie Martucci and his son, Enzo Martucci, are seated.

The best seats in the house for viewing Monday's eclipse were on top of the house for Eddie Martucci and his son, Enzo Martucci. A ladder leaning against the roof of the house gave them access from ground level to their inspired seating. They were prepared with special viewing glasses and even brought along a refreshing drink, to balance on the roof as they sat, appearing relaxed and comfortable.

The eclipse for Westwood began, as predicted, at 2:15 p.m. At that time, a small part of the sun became noticeably obscured by the moon. As viewed through special eclipse viewing glasses, over time, a glowing, orange sun became a fat crescent. The crescent slowly shrank in size until the glow of the sun was just a sliver.

With glasses off, one could appreciate the difference. The light of a bright, sunny day became noticeably subdued, with the air becoming slightly cooler at the peak of the eclipse. That lasted only for a minute. Once the peak of eclipse viewing had passed, the day grew brighter and the air gradually warmed again, and the sun's rays once again could be felt.

The eclipse in the Westwood area ended at around 4:40 p.m., with the day returning to what one would expect on a normal spring day in Westwood.

Thanks to Eddie and Enzo Martucci for sharing their Westwood minute. Do you have a local moment captured in one to three photos to share? Then you have a Westwood (area) minute! Register for free to post your photos and descriptions to this platform, or send them to the editor at WestwoodInAMinute@gmail.com.

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