Westwood In A Minute: Greek Festival Returns to St. Mark's


Photo by Westwood Minute/Darlene Wong Cancell. The Greek Fest in Westwood included a demonstration of traditional Greek dancing.

The annual Greek Fest returns to Westwood's St. Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Cathedral. If you missed it on Saturday, you can still catch some Greek culture and delicious homemade cuisine on Sunday, September 17th. 

The quality and taste of the homemade food is quite impressive. There's a good selection of menu items. I can personally recommend the gyro platter (there's also a gyro sandwich), spanakopita, and baklava. 

Photo by Westwood Minute/Darlene Wong Cancell. Diners enjoy delicious, homemade, Greek cuisine while being entertained by Greek dancers at St. Mark's Greek Fest in Westwood on Saturday, September 16, 2023.

The main feature of the gyro platter was slices of either beef or lamb on top of seasoned rice. The rice was slightly dry, but just as tasty as the meat. The platter came with a simple side salad, tzatziki, and diced tomatoes which provided a refreshing complement to the savory main dish. With generous servings, there were enough for leftovers.

The a la carte spanakopita was smaller than serving sizes I have had of this dish elsewhere. But the taste was just what you would expect and hope for - a satisfying spinach and feta cheese bite.

The baklava for dessert was dense with a nut filling, and had a light outer phyllo dough that stayed crispy without being overly drenched with honey. It was a perfect way to end the meal.

For more information about the Greek Fest and other upcoming local events, check out Westwood Minute's Calendar.

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