Police Log: Arrest of Man Wanted on 6 Outstanding Warrants, Fraud on Facebook Marketplace, and Other Stories


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The news described in Westwood Minute's weekly Police Log article series is primarily based on selected incidents from the Westwood Police Department's daily log, and information provided by Lieutenant Christopher Sheehy and police staff through written records and conversations. Occasionally, Westwood Minute may weave a few facts that it obtains from other sources into these stories.

Monday, April 8th

Neighborhood Targeted in Breaking and Enterings of Parked Vehicles

From 7:48 a.m. through 12:04 p.m., Westwood Police took reports of multiple break-ins to vehicles on Warwick Drive, Lancaster Drive, Wessex Drive, York Way, Westchester Drive, and Gloucester Road.

Although at least fourteen vehicles were broken into, there were few reports of items stolen. A $200 pair of sunglasses and a ten dollar bill were taken from vehicles parked on Warwick Drive. A cell phone was taken from a vehicle parked on Wessex Drive.

Additional details are reported in the Westwood Minute article, “Multiple Reports of Breaking and Enterings of Westwood Residents' Vehicles on Monday Morning.”

Sunday, April 7th

Driving with Blue Headlights

1:05 p.m. An officer on patrol noticed a grey 2009 Acura TL approaching on Clapboardtree Street, with blue tinted headlights. As the vehicle approached the officer from the opposite direction, the blue lights shut off and white headlights came on. The officer noted that the window tint on the vehicle appeared far darker than the 35 percent limit and that the rear license plate had a darkly tinted cover. The officer made the traffic stop, noting that it was difficult to read the license plate, the windows were too darkly tinted, and the headlights were blue.

The driver was a 33 year old man from Hyde Park. He reportedly told the officer that the blue headlights were installed prior to his purchase of the vehicle and that he did not know how to disable them. The man had a valid New York license but his registration in Massachusetts showed that his right to operative a motor vehicle had been suspended due to a payment default.

The officer issued the man a citation for operating a motor vehicle after license suspension, a plate violation, and a violation for noncompliant lighting.

Facebook Marketplace Fraudster Impersonates Westwood Homeowner

3:20 p.m. A resident of Grove Street reported a fraudulent Facebook Marketplace transaction. The resident reported that after asking an online seller, “Ava Ava,” to view outdoor patio furniture in person, the resident was given a Westwood address. While en route to the address, the resident received a message from the seller who requested that a deposit on the $600 furniture be sent to the Venmo account, “Stephanie31T2N,”to hold the furniture because others were interested in making the purchase. The resident buyer did not make the deposit but learned from the homeowner at the address given by the seller that there was no such furniture for sale.

Police note that a second Venmo account linked to the seller, Ava Ava, was called “MaxsonsLaurea.” Police advised the complainant to be cautious when purchasing items on the internet from strangers.

Arrest of Brockton Resident Wanted on 6 Outstanding Warrants

5:15 p.m. An officer conducting stationary traffic enforcement noted a passing vehicle with a Massachusetts vanity plate which was known to the officer from an earlier encounter. The officer was aware that the driver of the vehicle was likely someone known to have multiple warrants out for his arrest, that his license was suspended and that he frequented his mother’s home in Westwood.

The officer followed the vehicle, and made a traffic stop when the vehicle turned abruptly from High Street onto Mayfair Drive. The officer recognized the driver as the individual with multiple warrants for his arrest. Additional officers were called for backup.

Police made the arrest on six outstanding warrants – one issued from Haverhill District Court and the remaining five warrants issued by Brockton District Court. The charges are for domestic assault, two charges of making threats and stalking, operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license, marked lanes violation, possession of Class B drugs, three violations of restraining orders, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, and assault and battery.

The suspect’s minor child was also in the vehicle, and police transported the child to the Westwood residence of the suspect’s mother.

The bail commissioner ordered that the arrestee, a 34 year-old Brockton resident, be held without bail, due to the outstanding warrants. He was transported to the Norfolk County House of Correction on the morning of April 8th.

Friday, April 5th

Town of Westwood Employee Complains of Rerouted Payment

12:41 p.m. A police detective investigated the report of a Town of Westwood employee who complained that someone had attempted to reroute the employee’s direct deposit to another account.

Complaint of “Burnouts”

9:30 p.m. A resident of Hedgerow reported to Westwood Police that someone was doing “burnouts” in the area, spinning their tires. Norwood Police also received a similar complaint. Both police departments were unable to locate such activity.

Thursday, April 4th

Collection Action for $20K Alerts Resident to Identity Theft

3:33 p.m. An officer responded to Gables University Station apartments upon the report of a resident who was facing a collection action for $20,791 for an account with which he was unfamiliar. The resident believed someone had used his personal information to open the account. The resident had received an alert from Experian credit reporting services, stating that the resident had an account in collection status. Police learned that the account in question was related to a property lease at 75 Baldwin Street, Apartment 303 in Lynn, Massachusetts. The Westwood resident was listed as a co-lessee, but the resident was unfamiliar with the name on the lease.

Wednesday, April 3rd

Middle School 911 Call is False Alarm

10:43 a.m. Police received a 911 call, but the caller hung up. Police called back, and a child answered. Police were then contacted by the assistant principal of Thurston Middle School and were informed that a student had gotten hold of a cell phone. The report was verified by the school resource officer.

Waiting, Not Loitering

12:08 p.m. An employee of Roche Bros on Washington Street reported that a woman had been sitting at a table outside the store for an extended time. She was asked to leave but refused to comply. An officer spoke to the woman and learned she was a Canton resident waiting for an MBTA bus.

Not a Master of Disguise

3:23 p.m. An employee of Wegmans grocery store’s asset protection staff contacted Westwood Police regarding a theft in the store on April 2nd. A suspect exited the store without paying for merchandise.

Based on video, it is believed the suspect took over $200 worth of goods. The suspect entered a white, Honda CRV.

Police matched the suspect on video with the registered owner of the vehicle and went to the suspect’s home in Sharon. A police detective observed the suspect operating the same vehicle used to flee the store.

The suspect told police that he had forgotten to pay for his items. Police coordinated a meeting between the suspect and loss prevention staff at Wegmans, whom he agreed to pay the $255.34 owed.

Tuesday, April 2nd

Debt Collection on a Fraudulent Charge

12:30 p.m. A resident of Westwood Glen Road reported being contacted by a debt collecting agency for AT&T called “Tru Accord.” The agency informed the resident that she was responsible for paying $400 on a bill. The resident is contesting the charge and reports she does not know who opened the AT&T account in her name.

Suspicious Stranger in Driveway is Amazon Delivery Person

8:33 p.m. A homeowner on Colby Way alerted police to a white SUV parked in his driveway when he was not at home. An individual wearing a red, hooded sweatshirt got out of the vehicle and wandered around the property. Police responded to the home and conducted a search of the area. Based on a security camera video provided by the homeowner, police believe it is likely that an Amazon delivery was being made.

Suspicious Visitors

6:19 p.m. Police received a report of three men in a black Acura SUV who went to a home on Alder Road, informing a homeowner that they were seeking a homeowner to talk about an Eversource bill. Police investigated the area but found no such persons.

Updated 4/12/2024 at 1:17 p.m.

Thanks to Lieutenant Christopher Sheehy and the Westwood Police Department for contributing information for this Westwood Minute article.

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