Something To Be Thankful For: A Lost Wedding Ring is Found


Friday, October 20, 2023 was the first day at a new job for Dennis Knise, and it did not go so well. He lost his wedding ring. Mr. Knise believes it happened while he was bagging groceries at Wegmans in Westwood in the early afternoon, and the gold band must have slipped off his finger and fallen into a customer’s reusable shopping bag.

After 40 years of marriage to his wife, Leila Knise, and the sentimental value that the ring represented, Mr. Knise was determined to find the ring. But after two weeks, he had not found it at the store, and no one had returned it to the customer service counter.

Mr. Knise decided to try something different. On Sunday, November 5th, the Randolph resident contacted Westwood Minute about placing a classified ad for the lost wedding ring.

While Westwood Minute does not have a classified ad section, the online platform was able to offer Mr. Knise a standard ad on the home page at a special rate. While Westwood Minute worked on an ad design for Mr. Knise, it suggested he contact Westwood Police to check if the ring had been turned in. It had not.

Mr. Knise went forward with his plans and approved the ad design. News of the lost ring was posted to Westwood Minute’s home page beginning on the afternoon of November 7th. It contained an offer of a reward.

Image by Westwood Minute. This ad was posted on November 7th, requesting help in the return of a lost wedding ring. In this re-posting, the advertiser's phone number is blocked out, as the ring was found and returned to Westwood's Wegmans customer service on November 11th.

One week later, Mr. Knise arrived to work on Tuesday, November 14th, to the news that his wedding ring had been returned to the store. A customer had returned it to Wegmans' customer service counter three days earlier, on a Saturday when Mr. Knise was not working. 

Upon recovering his ring, Mr. Knise went to a jeweler’s that same day to have it resized. Hopefully, the resizing will help ensure that the ring will not inadvertently slip off and into a customer's grocery bag a second time!

Mr. Knise is happy to share his good news with Westwood Minute readers. They may have noticed his ad being posted, then taken off the platform, and wondered how his story ended. While he does not know the details of the customer who returned his ring, as none were given to him when Wegmans' customer service returned his ring to him, he expresses his gratitude. He says the return of his wedding ring to his finger has improved the Thanksgiving holiday for himself and his wife.

Thanks to Dennis and Leila Knise for sharing their story with Westwood Minute.

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