Photo Gallery: Districtwide, Westwood's Elementary School Students Create Pride Month Temporary Art Installations


Photo by Mandy Taft-Pearman. This rainbow with phrase, "DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH" at the Hanlon School is one of many pieces of artwork that students contributed to as part of five temporary art installations at Westwood's elementary schools.

All five elementary schools across the Westwood Public Schools District celebrated Pride Month and inclusion this June with temporary art installations on school campuses comprised of symbols of inclusion and welcome.  

Students and staff at Deerfield, Downey, Hanlon, Martha Jones and Sheehan elementary schools, along with the larger community, were invited to add their contributions of hearts, rainbows, circles, words and illustrations to the outdoor fences that run along the schools' playing fields and playgrounds. Materials were donated by student families and included items such as yarn, ribbon, and paper.  

Some of the artwork had been removed before the end of the month, either intentionally at the end of school or due to the outdoor elements, but the following images have been captured.

Photo by Mandy Taft-Pearman. One piece of artwork at Hanlon School contains rainbow colors and the message, bee u.
Photo by Mandy Taft-Pearman. At Hanlon School, students added their names to a peace sign with the words, "Be Kind." Another drawing of two people of apparently different races notes that "it is ok to be different."
Photo courtesy of Inclusive Westwood. This heart at Deerfield School is made of ribbons and paper and bears a handwritten message, "Evreyone is exepted at Deerfield."
Photo courtesy of Inclusive Westwood. The message, "Everyone is welcome at Deerfield," is one of many inclusive thoughts that appear in Deerfield School's temporary art installation.
Photo courtesy of Inclusive Westwood. Affirmations such as "LGBTQ Proud of who you are" and positive messages such as "work hard and have fun" are gathered in a grouping in Deerfield School's temporary art installation in celebration of Pride Month.
Photo by Darlene Wong Cancell. The fence running north-south along Downey's soccer field was decorated with a large rainbow and heart made of ribbons for Pride Month.
Photo by Darlene Wong Cancell. Pride flags stand atop the fence running east-west between the Downey School field and playground.
Photo by Darlene Wong Cancell. A heart, peace sign and Pride flag decorate the Downey School fence that runs north-south along the soccer field.
Photo courtesy of Inclusive Westwood. The Martha Jones School art installation included encouraging words, "Do not allow people to dim your sunshine. Tell them to put on sunglasses!" and a colorful, smiling face with sunglasses as an accompanying illustration.
Photo by Darlene Wong Cancell. At Sheehan School's first Cultural Festival held in early June, two children add their artwork to the Welcoming and Weaving art installation, next to a message, "EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE.".
Photo by Darlene Wong Cancell. A child weaves a heart made of yarn onto the Sheehan School Welcoming and Weaving art installation.
Photo by Darlene Wong Cancell. Attached to the fence that separates the Sheehan School playground and soccer field is a rainbow made of plastic cups which leads to the phrase, Love is SHEEHAN."

Thanks to Mandy Taft-Pearman and Inclusive Westwood for their contributions to this photo gallery.

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